Who we are

Expect a Miracle Ministries is a discipleship program for those who are overcome by lifestyles that have left them weary, empty and miserable, and others who want to learn the basic fundamentals of ministry.

We believe

That through the messages of Jesus Christ, that resounds throughout the day. Souls are saved, lives restored and men and women are being educated in the Word of God.

What we offer

Expect a Miracle Ministries offers a free year discipleship program for anyone who has a desire to change and has a desire to learn how to live a life as a Disciple of Christ with the option of furthering their knowledge of the Word of God.

What to expect

Foundations that are being formed through a new Christ-centered life of discipline, prayer, praise, worship, bible studies and serving. These men and women break free from their hopeless, meaningless, tired existence into a holy calling. What a difference Jesus makes; from burdens to society, to men and women who can contribute to the very lifeline of their communities, and those that continue in the Leadership Academy, and become teachers, preachers, evangelist, missionaries, etc.