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Foundations Ministry

"Foundations Ministry" consist of 14 lessons that are designed to give the new believer the essential truth’s of a Disciples faith.

Monday Nights starting at 7:30pm

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Prison Ministry

Our Team has the opportunity to enter into Prison’s and Jail’s to preach the Gospel to give hope to an individual of being able to live a life they never thought was possible by hearing the word of God.

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Hospital Ministry

The hospital ministry is committed to ministering the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to those who are confined to a medical center. During times of illness, a prayer of faith, and a act of kindness, can help someone in need to get through a difficult day because the word of God brings comfort.


D Crew

Our dance crew is an amazing way we get to share our testimony of Jesus Christ. As a team, men and women have an opportunity to share their talents and passion for ministering through dance.